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B. Stone

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How to Draw Cartoons like Frank Tashlin…Milt Gross: “You can’t!”

Frank Tashlin, reblogged from Comics Reporter

We here at Funny Aminals are big Frank Tashlin fans. You probably saw it first on The Comics Reporter, but here’s Tish Tash’s version of the standard How to Draw cartoons book by a famous cartoonist. Man, why didn’t we have books like this when we were budding cartoonists?? All the How to books I remember were by people I had never heard of…their client list was usually dubious at best. That said, I did get my pimply feminine fingers on some good ones, (Mort Gerberg’s The Art and Business of Cartooning!).

Okay, promise I’ll scan some stuff next week. Next week: original content! (well, not original, but you know what I mean, don’t you dear readers?)

PS: This is mostly for Dane, who is recovering from gall stone surgery. Get well soon Danish!

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Funny Aminal Garbage Pail Kids!


These from the perfect in every way Abram’s ComicArts, Garbage Pail Kids.

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“Title Card Gags” promotional “short” made prior to the release of Funny Aminal’s third picture.  Supervision- Dane Martin.  Animation- Dane Martin.  Burl Ives- Dane Martin.

Had a LOT of fun at MOCCA.  Hush debuted to spectacular acclaim.  (Relative to turn-out.)

Very proud of the book…however a few changes need to be made before we have it for sale, and before we mail contributor copies also…stay tuned!!

Also this blog will resume semi-weekly updating once we catch our breath.

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Funny Aminals 3

Dreams (1)

Charles Agnew, Ian Thomas, G.P. Bonesteel

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Two Tier Tuesday Preview!!

More excerpts, first up!!  Very excited to have Jeremiah Piersol in this issue..
Here’s two from my contribution..

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Funny Aminals 3


Co-editor Bryan Stone‘s cover for Funny Aminals 3, a collection of silent funny animal comics!

An exciting month and a half kicks off here at Funny Aminals HQ. Funny Aminals 3 is in the woiks! It will debut at the Funny Aminals table at MOCCA 2012.

Also in! Our first comic…by award winning cartoonist and 3-time Funny Aminaler Colleen Frakes! Excerpt!…


More to come!

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Dr. Suess

Here are some scans from The Tough Coughs As He Ploughs the Dough: Early Writings and Cartoons by Dr. Suess.

I thought I was pretty familiar with Theo’s career, from his work on Private Snafu training films and WWII Editorial cartoons and ads for War Bonds, which, it was always bizarre to see the guy who did Cat in the Hat caricature Hitler and Mussolini…


to his short-lived comic strip Hejji, to his screenplay for The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T, and then into the kids books.

However, I was unfamiliar with these gag cartoons he did for Judge…here’s a small smattering.


There’s lots of gags about people detoxing and hallucinating weird Dr. Suess creatures. References to absinthe orgies in Cambridge, ha.



This last sheds an interesting light on his Hejji strip…which was dropped by King Features Syndicate supposedly because there were complaints this sequence was too sexual…


(Scan taken from Chris Sims Comics Alliance post.)

I can’t see the mushroom sequence as sexual myself, but now I’m willing to admit the doctor may have had a bit of sex on the brain revisiting this palace setting… Seven Lady Godivas, his book for adults, featuring 7 naked ladies, was always a favorite.

This is pretty much my favorite thing ever though…


It’s a clock made of animals.

The book, edited by Richard Marschall, also has the ads Dr. Suess drew for a bug repellent called, Flit (the first of which was the wellspring of the phrase, “Quick Henry, the Flit!”).


I really wish I could post this whole book. Perhaps I’ll visit the Dr. Suess collection at nearby Dartmouth and do another post on the good doctor.

I also wanted to point people to Mike Lynch’s post on a book Virgil Partch illustrated with some, as always, inspired, beautiful gag cartoons…VIP If you’re into cartooning, and you don’t already visit Mike’s blog, you should!

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Anthropomorphic Fire


Another fire who liked to feed itself logs…

But if that was an anthropomorphic fire, this Krazy Kat Mintz cartoon is arson… 

List of fire gags:

Fire squares his logs and plays them like a pan pipe…

Fire jump ropes the spit…

Fire gets hit by a wave and is knocked unconscious…

Krazy picks the fire up and wrings it out!  Then apparently forgets what he was doing, or gets distracted.  That Kat!

Krazy feeds logs to fire (that one works every time!) 



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Mickey’s Christmas Carol

When I was growing up I watched Mickey’s Christmas Carol every year without fail. I remember it being terrifying, especially the Pete character.

Goofy as Jacob Marley.

Click here for a blog post about the movie’s production by Mike Peraza. The images below are production art stolen from his blog posts.

Merry Christmas!


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