What is Funny Aminals?

There’s a hole in that fence. Beyond it, three fish skeletons (Breakfast, lunch and dinner?), picked clean, around tipped over trashcans. Low in the sky, a cartoon moon cringes. On the fence posts, in silhouette, the alley strays croon.

It’s just like the night before.


From Wikipedia:

Funny Animal is a cartooning term for the genre of comics and animated cartoons in which the main characters are humanoid or talking animals, with anthropomorphic personality traits. The characters themselves may also be called funny animals. Well-known examples include Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny and Tom & Jerry.

While many funny animal stories are light-hearted and humorous, the genre is not exclusively comedic. Dark or serious stories featuring characters of this sort can also be grouped under the “funny animals” category, sometimes referred to as anthropomorphics to avoid confusion over the range of genres. These stories may intersect with any other genre or group of genres, including historical fiction, science fiction, superhero, western, slapstick comedy, children’s entertainment, and satire.

In the 1940s, Fawcett Comics published a comic book entitled Funny Animals, featuring such characters as Hoppy the Marvel Bunny, an anthropomorphic rabbit version of Captain Marvel.

Read the Wiki entry here.

Funny Aminals is also a blog where we share our love for and curiosity about funny aminals. The blog is a companion to an independently published funny animal comic book!

Contributors to the book include: 2009 Ignatz award winners Colleen Frakes and Cat Garza, as well as Brandon Elston, Emily Wieja, Jose Luis Olivares, Joe Lambert, Denis St. John, Kubby Bear, Penina Gal, Bryan Stone, Jeff Lok, Morgan Pielli, and Dane Martin. With a cover by Cat Garza, an essay on funny animal hero Michael Hurley by Steve ‘Tyrant’ Bissette!

A small print run of Funny Aminals was released in September of 2009. It’s available in select comic shops, and online at IKJK. Funny Aminals 2: Gods and Ghosts is due out this fall.

The book is recommended for mature readers only.

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  1. BWAHAHAHAHAAAA! That’s hilarious!

  2. This internet site is my aspiration , real superb style and perfect written content .

    • Thank you Stephan for the very kind words! We tried to get to your site, but it appears to be down.. -jeff

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