Gecha Aminals Here!

You can buy copies of Funny Aminals 1, 2 and Hush as well as comics by Funny Aminals editor Jeff Lok by clicking Here!

B. Stone

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“The second volume of the underground comix tribute Funny Aminals is a good bit tighter than the first edition. Not that much of it is really in the spirit of the sort of perverted funny animal comics that R.Crumb once did, but all of the pieces go up against one’s expectation of a standard F.A. comic while still operating in the same sort of visual language. The 8.5 x 11″ format helps a number of the pieces breathe and especially makes the many single-page illustrations stand out. It’s perhaps a bit bloated at 50 pages and probably could have done with fewer illustrations, but the overall design is attractive.”

Read the rest of the review by The Comics Journal here. You can get your copy from!

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Jess Smart Smiley

From Jess’ contribution to Funny Aminals 2.

Funny Aminals 2 contributor Jess Smart Smiley has a great interview up on Avoid the Future dot com. Here’s an excerpt:

Jess Smart Smiley is a real piece of work. Not only does he have the nerve to produce wonderful, engaging comics for readers’ worldwide, he then turns around and treats people with genuine friendliness and respect. I know, right? What a jerk.

In all seriousness, he’s a great guy, and we’ve been eager to interview him pretty much since we reviewed his awesome graphic novella A Map in the Dirt earlier in the year. Recently having his all-ages vampire story Upside Down snapped up by Top Shelf for release next Halloween, we thought now would be the perfect time to take advantage of his gentlemanly nature and collar him for a chat.

Read the rest here. Also be sure to check out his website here.

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Funny Aminals Available Online

Funny Aminals 1 & 2 are available to order online at I Know Joe Kimpel! While you’re waiting for your copy to arrive check out this amazing drawing by Diamond Denis St.John which graces the back cover of FA2!


B. Stone

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Happy Halloween

Thanks so much to everyone who came out for the Funny Aminals 2 release yesterday! FA1 & 2 will be available online soon.


Quetazcoatl from Funny Aminals 2.

B. Stone

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Press Release



Saturday—October 30th—start the Halloween weekend extravaganza at COMIC BOOM!

From 12 noon until 4 PM, multiple-award winning cartoonist Stephen R. Bissette (Swamp Thing, Taboo, Aliens: Tribes, Vermont Monster Guide, etc.) will join Denis St. John(Monsters & Girls, Werewolf!!, etc.), Bryan Stone (Funny Aminals, Oniohead, etc.), multiple award-winner Colleen Frakes (Tragic Relief, Woman King, etc.), and fellow Center for Cartoon Studies monster-lovers and ink-slingers for an afternoon event at Comic Boom in downtown Keene!

Bryan Stone will be debuting the brand-new issue of Funny Aminals #2! Denis St. John will have the new issue of Monster & Girls! We’ll be selling comics, minicomics, sketches, t-shirts and more! Come and join us, and be sure to bring your best fiends!

FREE SIGNED BISSETTE ART PRINT to ANY KEENE STATE COLLEGE STUDENT who can provide photo proof of having posted info or fliers about the event in quantity!

It’s all at COMIC BOOM!
22 West St.
Keene, NH
(603) 352-4261

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Funny Aminals @ Comic Boom


Jeff Lok and I are putting the final touches on Funny Aminals 2 as well as the reprint of the first book. We’re insanely proud of these books!!! Huge thanks to everyone who contributed… who are they? I’m glad you asked:

Steve Bissette, Colleen Frakes, Penina Gal, Morgan Pielli, Cat Garza, Joe Lambert, Mark Bilokur, Jose Luis Olivares, Betsey Swardlick, Jon Chad, Matt Aucoin, Marisa Joelle Chapin, Denis St.John, Jeff Lok, Josh Rosen, Kubb E. Bear, Corey McDaniel, Ryland Ianelli, Jess Smart Smiley and Bryan Stone (hey, that’s me!)

Saturday night, October 30th I’ll be at Comic Boom in Keene NH from 12 noon until 4pm selling copies of the books. Thanks to Stellar Steve Bissette and Doggone Denis St.John for inviting me along! Afterward (at 7:00 pm) we’ll be attending the Saturday Fright Special Spooktacular. You should join us, it’ll be fun!

Can’t make it out this weekend? Both books will be for sale on I Know Joe Kimpel next week.

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Almost There


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Even More Funny Aminals 2

A page from Jess Smart Smiley’s comic for Funny Aminals 2

Funny Aminals 2 will be released this Halloween!

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More Funny Aminals 2

Mamlambo by Colleen Frakes

Bastet by Marisa Joelle Chapin

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