Sunday Four Color Funnies

These originally appeared in 1946 in Dell’s Four Color #105: Albert the Alligator and Pogo Possum.



Excerpts from Ward Kimball’s introduction in the Eclipse Books reprints:

“It was lucky for me that I happened to see a little advertisement in Popular Mechanics magazine that announced “WALT DISNEY WANTS ARTISTS. WALT DISNEY, CREATOR OF MICKEY MOUSE AND SILLY SYMPHONIES, OFFERS EXCEPTIONAL OPPORTUNITIES TO TRAINED MALE (sic) ARTISTS. WRITE FOR PARTICULARS, GIVING AGE AND OCCUPATION…” I had seen some of Disney’s cartoons and was impressed enough to postpone my trip to New York and to apply for work at the old Disney Hyperion Avenue studio in Hollywood.

“Kelly began his short four-year career at the “Mouse Factory” as a story sketch artist in the expanding story department.
“I had just finished restoring a 1914 Model “T” Ford touring car, and on a nice summer day in 1938, I drove it ten miles to work and parked it in the Disney lot.
“This event caused a small state of pandemonium, with dozens of Disney’s artists clustered around my freshly painted Ford throughout the day. Sometime after lunch, Kelly appeared at my room with a quick sketch impression he had rendered of the curious crowd of people crawling all over, in, and under the “Tin Lizzy,” with a caricature of an irate Kimball ordering all the moon-faced Disneyites to get the hell off my pride and joy.

“We were all very young upstarts in our twenties, and spent a lot of Disney’s time laughing and goofing off.
“Kelly drew very rapidly and effortlessly. It seemed as though only a matter of minutes after something off-beat had happened he would appear with a scratchy charcoal pencil gag sketch of the event with all his embellishing exaggerations.”


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Sunday Funnies #6: Donald Duck

Click the image below for a short Donald Duck comic

Anyone have any idea who drew this? It looks like Carl Barks to me…but I’m no duckxpert.

Bonus! Donald Duck starring in Window Cleaners:

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Sundy Funnies #5, Chico Bento

Brazilian cartoonist Mauricio de Sousa is one of the most prolific cartoonists in the world, he was also close friends with Osamu Tezuka. From

Tezuka Osamu, master of Japanese cartoons and animated comics, has not been among us since 1989. But during the last years of his life, there unfolded between us a friendship, a camaraderie which I have experienced very few times with anyone else.

For those who don’t know, Tezuka is the creator of characters known worldwide as Mighty Atom, Princess Knight, Kimba the White Lion and others.

Our first meeting took place in Tokyo during a trip offered to me by the Japan Foundation to study the reality of Japanese children: their habits, their desires, how they are treated and what is done for them in their country. Therefore, contact with the idol of children and of three generations of Japanese, master (sensei) Tezuka Osamu, was certainly a requisite.

And he himself went to the airport to welcome me. Alice, my wife, was accompanying me. It was already nighttime, we had been flying for nearly 30 hours, but he insisted that we go with him for a special dinner at the luxurious restaurant of the New-Otani Hotel. We went. And what awaited us there was truly a surprise: an enormous schooner, over three feet in length, stood on the table laden with every possible and imaginable type of sashimi. For those who are not familiar with it, sashimi is raw fish. Which I can’t stand. But the banquet was in my honor, sashimi is an extremely refined dish, Tezuka-san was a person of renown… what was I to do?

Eat. And Tezuka-san explained the origin and type of each fish as he offered it to me. That night I went to sleep honored and my appetite for fish sated for a long, long time.

Subsequently, he took me to the local TV stations to talk about our work in Brazil and later introduced me to a number of fellow cartoonists. It was a good beginning for a friendship, extended by a visit that Tezuka-san made to Brazil, likewise sponsored by the Japan Foundation.

Big thanks to Caleb Palmer who brought several Mauricio de Sousa comics back from Brazil for me!

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Sunday Funnies #4













This comic strip has been formatted to fit your screen. To read the original version click here.

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I Wants to Join! – Sunday Funnies #3

Melinna and Harrison Cady in Venice, 1931.

Melinna and Harrison Cady in Venice, 1931.

In the 1930s the Cady’s toured Europe. Here’s an Exerpt from a letter Melinna Cady sent to Harrison’s mother:

“So far I like Paris as a place to live better than any other city…the shops, the museums with the great works of art…The Follies!!! and on and on. Venice is filled with charm & great beauty & romance yet back of it all I could imagine in time one might feel the past tragedy of the place. Every afternoon at 4 Harrison & I started in a gondola and just wandered in & out & around until 8 o’clock. It, no doubt, sounds utterly foolish at my age to be so enthusiastic about everything but, my dear, I am living in a state of thrills…”

Excerpt from

Click the panel below for another great Peter Rabbit comic from the 20s.


By Jinks!!! I bet this’ll knock ’em out!

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More Mickey or Sunday Funnies #2




Today’s Sunday Funnie is a Mickey Mouse four pager by Floyd Gottfredson. Click here!


Here’s a Mickey cartoon, The Opry House from 1929 in which Mickey proves himself to be a racist (4:15) and dresses in drag to preform a belly dance (before that). This is also the first appearance of Mickey’s white gloves which were added so you could see his hands when they’re in front of his body.

And here’s a vaudeville number from the same year called Hello Bluebird preformed by Blossom Seeley and Benny Fields.

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Sunday Funnies #1


















Come back next week for another Sunday Funnie!

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