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We get a not enormous but respectable number of hits here at Funny Aminals, but I wonder what would happen if one were to put a certain P word in the subject heading. Hmmm..

We’ve been on a Gerald McBoingBoing kick here at Funny Aminals HQ. Starting with the UPA comics in the 301st issue of The Comics Journal. That got me reading a Dr. Seuss book, The Tough Coughs As He Ploughs the Dough (lots of good reading here at HQ). That got me inspired to do a super big post on the doctor proper…prooobably get to it tomorrow.

For now, here’s a nice big scan of another Carl Barks painting…from here. Hi-Rez here. (although you may have to do a little addition with your clicker). Perhaps this is a little late in the blogging game to ask, but is it not okay to post scans, images, and video from other websites, and have that be, for the most part, your “content?” I’m seriously asking actually. The posts would be few and far between without it, but I feel etiquette is important, both at the dinner table and on the world wide web.


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A certain production company

A comrade alerted me to this youtube feed…go watch some rare, previously unreleased cartoons from a certain production company.  But keep it hush hush, hear?  Wouldn’t want any production company higher ups or legal arms or subsidiaries to know we were appreciating their product!  Keep corporate America strong, citizens!

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Joann Sfar music video? Why not.

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Final spread from Animation, by Preston Blair — I can’t scan the rest of my copy because a previous owner (some kid I’ll bet) drew dog collars on (almost) literally every drawing with a silver metallic marker. But here’s a pdf of it, so that’s easy. Thank you internet for making things easier. And thank you kid for getting tired on the third to last page.

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Boy oh boy! Hawley Pratt layouts for 5 Golden books

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Captures stolen from Michael Sporn’s With Poopdeck Pappy breakdown…

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More Dick Ryan

From Funny Picture Stories Vol. 2, No. 3, 1937






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What Happened to Bob McKimson’s Brain?

From Hollywood Cartoons, by Michael Barrier:
The animators who joined the staff with the greatest fanfare were the McKimson brothers, Robert and Thomas; from the summer of 1930 until sometime early in 1931, they had run a tiny studio set up by Romer Grey, the son of Zane Grey, the author of cowboy novels. When they came to Harman-Ising later in 1931, Clampett told Jim Korkis, “They marched right in as if in perfect step, went to their desks, took off their coats, and sat down exactly at eight o’clock and started to work. This was all very spectacular, like a Busby Berkeley routine.”

From Michael Barrier’s interview with McKimson:
McKimson: Yes. There’s a real strange story. In 1932, I was animating, doing about the same amount as every animator, twenty, twenty-five, thirty feet a week, at the tops. I had an auto accident and [got thrown out of the car], and pinched a couple of nerves in my neck. I got out of the hospital after a couple of weeks and went back to work, and all of a sudden, I could do fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty feet a week, and it was easy. It was a strange thing.
In Drawn to Life: The Art of Robert McKimson, Robert McKimson Jr. estimates his father went from 30 feet a week to 80 or 90 feet a week.

I scoured Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, and there are several mentions of brain injury impairing one’s abilities and functions. So the question is, how did Robert McKimson walk away from a car accident able to draw better? How is possible the injury not only did not impair his abilities as an animator, it improved them??


McKimson: I went to school to learn more about drawing; I was always fascinated with portraiture and anatomy. I got so that I could visualize things; someone would describe something to me, I would visualize it, and slow it down to slow motion, and then just draw it like that. It always fascinated people to see me do these things. I could start from the shoe and build him up, or I could start from the top and build him on down, or the side, anyplace, but it always came out the same. It was a strange thing, even to me. For ten years, I averaged fifty-five feet a week. Even in the union, they wouldn’t classify me with anyone else, because nobody else could do the same things that I did.
Barrier: Did they have any medical explanation for this?
McKimson: None of the doctors could give me any explanation for it. They said I probably jarred something loose in my brain. It was very simple for me to do this; it wasn’t any work.


McKimson: At Harman-Ising one day, I’d been up to two or three the night before. I’d gotten so that I could sleep on one arm, and I would sleep about half the day, and still put out that much, and never leave more than three in-betweens anyplace, for anyone: everything else was all cleaned up.
One day the studio manager called me in the office and said, “Bob, there seems to be something wrong with you.” I said, “What do you mean, my footage is all right.” He said, “Oh, fine, great.” I said, “The quality’s all right, isn’t it?” He said, “Oh, yes, great. I just thought something was wrong with you because you sleep so much.” I said, “Well, it’s mostly because I don’t go to bed very early.” He said, “I was worried about you, not about your work.”

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Hey, we’re back!


A beautiful moment in a short cartoon can really carry the gags, and get you laughing. Sinkin’ in the Bathtub is a happy cartoon throughout, except for a brief moment when the goat eats Bosko’s flowers, and then it stops dead, and you just watch Bosko cry. No music. What’s the point? His serenade! His plan! His flowers! (which you’ll notice he put thought into which identical white and gray flowers to pick and which not to…he cares about this goil!) It’s all ruined!! Ruined!!

And then it’s alright. When she dances on the bubbles, it just makes you so happy! And then you ride that white crest to the end titles!

Next to Roland Crandall’s animation on the magic mirror — great example of a Fleischer face on an inanimate object — for me, the moment in this is when Betty is about to be executed, for doing nothing, the world is just against her, right off the bat…and she starts to sing, Always in the Way… “My own mama would never say, I’m always in the waaay -” it’s unrelated to her situation…but kind of set up earlier in the cartoon when she sings, “I wanna see my step mama, step mama, step mama…” The weirdness wouldn’t hold together without this really heartfelt song.

Basically, this is just a bunch of gags about water. Some good (using a blender as a motor) some eh. None really come as a surprise, except one — when the little trouble maker is standing in a puddle in a Yellow kid getup, and does a take to Oswald…and smiling, shakes his head, to say no…I didn’t wet myself. Look up there… He communicates all this in half a second, without saying a word, and that’s why it’s funny. Before you have time to expect it, it’s over and back to the plot.

Also, when Oswald and his lady find each other at the end, and embrace over the hole in the floor…that’s a nice moment. But then they pour a shit ton of water on the kid and laugh at him. Assholes.

Note the cameo by the Mickey Mices. Ooo…Bill Nolan, no you di’ in’t!

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Rhapsody Rabbit

Victor Borges eat your heart out…

How many piano gags can you think of? I love Bug’s little take at the end. Sorry for the language barrier…only version I could find on youtube. And no embedding!

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